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Temagami CA is a state-of-the-art outdoor knife and the first full tang knife made by Helle, combining the knowledge of knife use by a true outdoorsman and the history and craftmanship in the Helle design team.

The Temagami CA comes with a  half-full tang construction where the blade is visible along the spine of the handle but not towards the fingers. This make the knife better to use in the cold climates in the far north. It also give the knife extra strength thanks to the thickness of the tang.

The curly birch handle is hand sanded to a satin finished and has a shape made to be used for long and hard work. The full tang blade is kept in place by two thick brass rivets and a pipe rivet.

The knife is made with in two versions where this knife is made with the Triple laminated Carbon Helle steel. Sharpened to a super sharp edge right out of the box. A carbonsteel blade offer a unique sharpness. On the other hand it will rust on anyone not caring for the blade.

The knife comes with a classic leather sheath for belt carry.

Specifications                     Temagami

Weight:                              155g
Blade material:                   Triple laminated Helle steel, Carbon
Blade thickness:                 3,0 mm
Blade length:                      110 mm
Blade construction:            Full tang (full length and ¾ wide)
Handle material:                Curly birch
Sheath material:                 Genuine leather
Design by:                           Les Stroud
Design year:                       2011 

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