JS 676
JS 676


JS 676

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90 years ago, the brothers Steinar and Sigmund Helle built a forge and began making knives on the family farm in Holmedal. When designing this year's limited edition knives, Jan Steffen and Svein-Erik Helle wanted to honor their grandparents by designing knives that preserved the essence of their design philosophy.

The design of the JS (Jan Steffen) features a 110cm long, highly polished H3LS blade with a slight false edge on the back. The 107 mm handle is in curly birch with red dyed leather inserts. The scabbard, made with the original 1930s Helle print, is crafted in black with red stitching to honor the forge that Jan Steffen's grandfather was in charge of running.

STEEL H3LS Triple laminated stainless steel

HANDLE birch / leather

BLADE 11 cm


TOTAL 21.7 cm

WEIGHT gr 142

SHEATH leather


Made in Norway